For evaluation, we’ll send you a (mac or pc) player to install on your computer where, after installation and importation of our master file, you’ll be able to inspect all documentation and burn your own red book CD-R and create 16bit, 44.1 .wav files, mp3’s, etc. It’s brain-dead simple and saves you clams, dinero, lettuce. Upon approval, we will electronically deliver your DDP folder ( to the manufacturer. Based on the digital distributor you’ve chosen, we’ll generate the proper file format and upload your digital assets as per your directions. And if you’re also issuing in vinyl, those hi-res files will be generated along with the standard documentation, and uploaded to your chosen manufacturer. Remember that these vinyl masters require a different mastering session to allow for more dynamics and needed adjustments to meet vinyl specifications.

And finally, after the master has been delivered and you’re off to manufacturing, it’s time to think about your archives. We’ll be glad to upload to you, everything involved with your mastering session via ftp. It’s just a smart thing to do.