File Formats:

24/32 bit, Broadcast Wave (.BWF) (Suggested), .wav, .aif, stereo interleaved or split mono. (If you really do have mono, please see a doctor.)
And yes, we do accept analog tape at any sample rate! :)) (Come on, it’s a joke!)
About sample rates…if you’re staying “inside-the-box” and/or never converting to analog as part of your mix chain, then leave your mix file sample rate at the session sample rate…don’t change it upon export. We can do that a car-load better than you can! And remember to always generate your master mix in real time. This way, you’ll be assured your mix reflects exactly what you worked so hard to create.

Transfer Methods:

  1. Any 3rd party FTP server like, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc
  3. CD/DVD-rom, flash drive (any shape), hard drive (any flavor)
  4. Vulcan mind meld if you have mad telepathic skills.


  1. Album / project title
  2. Artist of record
  3. Sequence of titles
  4. Upper / lower case spelling sensitivity of each title (for CD-TEXT)
  5. ISRC’s if available (
  6. UPC if available (
  7. Who will be your digital distributor?
  8. Are you also issuing in vinyl?
  9. Your contact info: (phone #, email, billing / shipping address)
  10. Delivery instructions for your masters.

Mix options:

If you have the time and the money to provide mix options over and above your master, then the following list is recommended.

  1. All or Solo vocal up (x) amount
  2. All or Solo vocal down (x) amount
  3. TV mix (no solo vocals but with background vocals)
  4. Instrumental mix
  5. Stems can work great too, but you really gotta know what you’re doing…call and we’ll explain.