Is Audio Mastering Necessary?

If you create music and want to make sure it sounds professional and polished, then music mastering services are an absolute must for you. You’ve painstakingly recorded each and every element of every song and spent countless hours/days/weeks/months mixing each song as perfectly as you (or your mix engineer(s)) know how. But when you compare them to your competition, your mixes just don’t have that “finished” sound. This is exactly what audio mastering brings to the table. (that secret sauce you couldn’t find at the store last week.)

It’s also extremely important to involve an un-biased “outsider” to provide the finishing touches to your pride and joy. Mastering engineers are not biased by all the extra baggage you’ve acquired over the course of your production. (We don’t know or care that you paid $5,000.00 for that guitar solo on track two!) We simply want your mixes to sound right, based on what we know about your competition and what we know the public is expecting to hear.

What Does a Mastering Engineer Do?

So your mixes don’t sound consistent either…

Because you’ve spent so much time recording and mixing this project, sonic continuity among your mixes just isn’t there. Don’t freak out, that’s our job. Through the artistic use of black magic, voodoo, and witchcraft, etc., we can smooth out those nasty inconsistencies. It’s also our job to make sure the flow between songs feels right. Hiring one engineer to mix your project in one studio will help minimize inconsistencies, but if this situation isn’t possible, then it falls on the shoulders of an experienced mastering engineer to smooth things out. We have the tools, the purpose built mastering studio to use those tools in, the ears and the experience to make the adjustments your mixes need to be consistent and competitive.

Healing the Wounds

Inherent in most every mix is the occasional lip smack, mic pop, guitar squeak, squirrel burp, etc., that can interrupt an otherwise pleasant listening experience. Again, don’t worry. We have the specialized tools to “heal” those pesky little demonic indiscretions that seem so impossible to avoid. (Our software amazes me sometimes!)

Your Songs Should Sound Great Everywhere.

Mastering engineers also work hard to ensure that your music sounds as good as it can wherever it’s played. If you want your tracks to sound great whether listening on a set of ear buds while mowing the yard on your John Deer, or through an elaborate “doo-dah” at home, mastering is the only way to achieve this. (BTY, mowing the grass while wearing ear buds is not recommended. A nice set of closed phones is wicked better!)

Dotting the I’s, Crossing the T’s

Okay, now that all of this has been accomplished, the mastered product needs to be issued in the proper formats to the various manufacturers and distributors. There are ISRCs, UPCs, DDPs, MFiTs, CD-TEXT, DVD Audio Elements, etc. to worry about….or not to worry about. As a full service mastering studio, we know all about this “stuff” and will guide you through the entire process.

What Sets Mayfield Mastering Apart

Our engineers have over 75 years of combined experience behind the console. We have worked as professional musicians, mix and post production engineers for the top labels in the recording industry. Our blend of music business experience and perspectives gives us a unique insight to lean on during every project. Mastering music is what we do every day. Our mission is simple: to give you the best quality mastering service there is. After all, we’d like you to come back.

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