“Growth requires risk” is clearly a motto that John Mayfield runs his business by. After a successful career as a musician, both on the road and in the studio, Mayfield traded it in for the other side of the glass and began his recording and mixing career in 1974. He initially worked for Summet Bernet Studios in Dallas, TX and eventually became the VP and chief engineer of that company. Later he relocated to Nashville where in the mid 90’s he bought his first Sonic Solutions system.

Repeated requests by his clients were the catalyst for him making the decision to master full-time and open Mayfield Mastering. “Honestly, I was tired of working 20 hours a day and felt the change would result in a less hectic work schedule,” he confides.

Mayfield cites the “golden rule” in audio engineering: never master your own mixes. He felt like he could offer clientele a better-finished product as he became more proficient and sought after for his craft of mastering. Dave Matthews Band, Sara Evans, Naturally 7 and Universal Music Group are just a few examples of mastering clients of Mayfield’s that would whole-heartedly agree.

Mayfield notes that everyone in music is trying to figure out what is next and define the new business model. Since records are being made more often by independent sources with smaller budgets that cannot always afford the high dollar mixer, he is finding the need for QUALITY mastering very much in demand. “Music will always be a part of our lives. Maintaining and improving the quality of that music has always been at the heart of my efforts. It is not a job to me, but rather a true joy,” he said. “You would be amazed at what we can do with a project in mastering that might not have been an A+ mix.”