For evaluation, we can issue a standard red book CD-R of all stereo products. Alternately, we can electronically deliver your evaluation. We’ll send you a proprietary (mac or pc) player to install on your computer where, after installation and importation of our master file, you’ll be able to inspect all documentation and burn your own red book CD-R and create 16bit, 44.1 .wav files for digital upload. It’s brain-dead simple and saves you clams, dinero, lettuce. Upon approval, you or we will electronically deliver your DDP file ( to the manufacturer. And yes, we can still deliver an old-school CD-R master which contains all the required documentation.

And finally, after the master has been delivered and you’re off to manufacturing, it’s time to think about your archives. For a paltry sum of $35.00, we can provide you with everything involved with our mastering session on an adorable little flash drive(s) with our amazing logo embossed on it. It includes your original mix files, our hi-rez mastered files, DDP, etc. This is a little insurance policy on your digital assets. If you don’t opt for this archive, well, you’re just nuts! (This archive can be delivered via ftp as well.)