That sound you hear is the music world rejoicing that “Golden Ears” mastering engineer, Glenn Meadows is once again available for mastering projects outside of the label environment that he has been in since 2002. A room has recently been built for Meadows at Mayfield Mastering in Nashville where he began mastering in May of 2010.

Glenn attended Georgia Tech, where he was first brushed against the recording and broadcast worlds, by being a part of the GA.Tech Radio station, WREK. Being the production manager for 3 years, brought him into contact with the local recording industry in Atlanta. While at the station, he pioneered one of the first discrete “Quad” radio broadcasts, utilizing 2 radio stations, one commercial, one non-commercial to provide one of the first truly “surround sound” listening experiences for people in Atlanta.

While in Atlanta, Glenn started work in the music industry, at then state of the art studio “Sound Pit”. He started there as maintenance tech, handling all of the installation chores on the Flickinger 24 track console. While there, he got his first immersion in disc mastering, when the studio acquired a Neumann VMS66 lathe and cutting system. He worked on projects for Paul Davis and Sammy Johns while there.

In 1975 Glenn moved to Nashville, and started working at Masterfonics, for Mac Evans. Within a few years time, he was making large inroads in mastering pop music in a typically Country market. Some of the early products he mastered, included England Dan and John Ford Coley’s “I’d Really Love to See You Tonight”, as well as Dan Fogelberg’s “Power Of Gold” LP, Jimmy Buffett’s “Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes”. Another early major product, was Paul Davis’ single “I go Crazy”, which still holds the record for the longest upward movement vs. time on the chart, at 53 weeks, peaking at #7.

Meadows continued at Masterfonics where he later became an owner and served as chief mastering engineer. Meadows mastered projects for Vince Gill, Patty Loveless and other chart toppers as he became the consistent choice for music mastering in Nashville and beyond. In 1995, producer Mutt Lange chose him to master Shania Twain’s CD’s, The Woman In Me, and all the releases, both domestic and international, of her 30+ million seller, Come On Over. The major success of those records further solidified Meadows as the choice dejour for mastering.

In later years, he has added to his credits, Steely Dan (remastered the entire catalog, and the “Citizen Steely Dan” Boxed set), along with numerous Country and R&B products, including Isaac Hayes biggest products.

He views the fact that he is now mastering for Mayfield Mastering as a new, exciting chapter in his career. “We have built a great room. It sounds incredible and looks really beautiful. I feel very comfortable…like I am home.”

A list of Glenn’s credits can be found here.
Glenn Meadows